WALKing meditation

Joe DaLuz of Cape Cod NAACP and Jim Kershner of Cape Sangha lead the way.

photo: Miah Nate Johnson  ©2011   


                      jerusha for Cape Cool  ©2011


As she walked, Femke Rosenbaum carried a clear message. The sign reflects widespread local concern for the Cape’s fragile one-source aquifer, threatened by chemical spraying on power lines, golf courses and private lands. 

Walk sponsor artpeace “explores the connections between making art of all kinds and peace on all levels, for ourselves, for each other, for the planet”


                        photo: Chuck Cole © 2011

   Besides remembering Dr. King and lifting our spirits, WALKING gets us out of our houses and cars into the fresh (chilly) air-- and to the warmth music, fellowship and home-cooked potluck. 

    WALKING kicked off the 2011 initiative for a healthier town and a greener world.


Rev. Dave Johnson of Provincetown UU Church (behind unidentified walker) carries photo taken on the road from Selma to Montgomery by Matt Herron.  Rev. Johnson met Dr. King on that historic 1965 March. 

(detail, photo: Miah Nate Johnson, ©2011)